Processing and handling of fine cohesive powders is and an exciting and challenging task often due to inconsistencies in powder flow behaviour which adversely affects manufacturing reliability and productivity. Good examples are powder flow out of storage vessels, small quantity filling and dosing and dispersion for particle characterisation and therapeutic drug delivery to the lungs using dry powder inhalers (DPIs).
The effective and reliable flow of cohesive powders in such systems is difficult to attain and this is mainly attributed to lack of understanding and inconsistencies in their flow behaviour at different conditions. For instance, powder flow at small scales and low level of consolidation stresses (typically less than 500 Pa) under quasi static conditions may significantly differ from the flow characteristics at large scales, relatively high stress levels and dynamic conditions. Therefore the ability to successfully predict the flow behaviour of fine cohesive powders from the properties of individual particles and their interactions under various physical conditions in different applications is of great importance.

Meeting Objectives

This one day meeting will reveal the latest science underpinning powder flow and handling. It will look at progress in theoretical fundaments and state-of-the-art measurements in the context of practical applications and case studies.

Oral Presentations

Bringing together a speaker faculty of subject matter experts from academe and industry, the programme will examine:

  • Powder flow under dynamic conditions, small quantities, and low consolidation: Colin Hare (University of Leeds, UK)
  • Powder Caking; state-of-the-art measurement techniques and analysis: Graham Calvert (P&G Technical Centre, Newcastle, UK)
  • Control and modification of powder flow properties for the process requirements: Rob Berry (University of Greenwich, UK)
  • New Materials, new flow challenges: Mike Tobyn (BMS, UK)
  • The influence of nanoparticle surface properties on their flow behaviour: Samir Salameh (Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands)
  • Influence of powder characteristics on the consolidation behaviour of Ti6Al4V parts produced via cold and hot isostatic pressing: Jason Dawes (MTC, UK)
  • An overview of die filing for tabletting: Csaba Sinka (University of Leicester, UK)
  • Powder Flow: the missing link in the evolution of powder characterisation: Arjen Tinke (Janssen R&D, the Netherlands)
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There will be a poster presentation sessions during breaks and a prize for the best poster (sponsored by RCS).

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Who Should Attend?

This meeting is aimed at academic and industrial scientists and engineers active in various areas of powder processing and characterisation, particularly powder flow and its industrial applications in various sectors such as healthcare, hygiene, cosmetic, energy, mining, food, agriculture, etc.
The meeting is promoted by IChemE, APS, RSC and their members will receive a discount for registration.

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Registration is still open via our website here. Pre-registration is essential for this event. There are still few places available, therefore please register early to confirm your place.

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